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Hire Devs is your destination for world class software development. Our goal is to connect the world’s best software engineering talent with fun and challenging projects. Each developer goes through a rigorous testing process and have experience at top tier companies and startups. We will plan and implement the best software development solution for your business and do whatever it takes to make sure we reach Project Success.


We provide modern and scalable technology solutions for projects of all sizes

Website and app development using JAMStack methodologies

Modern sites need to be super fast and secure. The JAMStack is the new way to do this without breaking the bank

CMS & eCommerce Platforms

A CMS is a common requirement for any site to minimize the back and forth with developers and editors. We have experience with all the latest CMS technologies including JAMstack based cms’s

Project Planning

We will plan the technical aspects of your project in a clear and concise format. Then we will manage all the stages of software development project.

Engineering QA and Project Managers

Every project needs someone to manage engineers and code. In addition to top tier developers we also include engineering project managers and QA professionals to ensure Project Success


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